Many of the modern data analytics use cases require a near-realtime infrastructure. As an entrepreneur, fresh off college, with an idea and a big dream, but little experience, I struggled to find a reliable architecture that would be cost-effective, yet perform well.

Naturally, I asked around. Friends, connections, AWS support, and so many more people. I’m making this blog, to share some of the knowledge I gathered, and my own ideas about some really simple ways to make near-real-time analytics infrastructure, which require little to no maintenance.

Please feel free to comment on any of the architectures I talk about…

I’ve been a Java developer for most of my professional life, and nothing amazes me more than interfaces! Simple yet so powerful. In this article, I’ll write about a few of the ways interfaces can be used.

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, to have a talk! I love hearing out new ideas, and of course, criticism!


Let me jump straight to code. A simple interface, with just 1 function. Here are some ways to implement it.

Creating a separate class to implement the interface

public class A implements SimpleInterface {…

Sayan Tapadar

Tech entrepreneur, hobbyist and enthusiast.

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